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Mobile & Wireless Solutions

Wireless devices have really arrived. They're powerful pieces of technology. But to deliver optimal business returns for your enterprise, they must give your mobile employees access to a full range of corporate services and information -- from anywhere and at any time. Clavib Mobile Applications can help you to achieve it. We design, customize and install your mobile applications fast and reliably using our powerful proven methods. You can now reduce infrastructure costs, improve customer loyalty, expand delivery channels and strengthen sales processes with the support of Clavib. We can assist you to develop solutions to run on PDA devises, generate bar code scanning solutions etc. We can walk any distance in providing mobile solutions.

There's no doubt about it: For any business to be successful and profitable, access to mission-critical information from the enterprise while you are on the road, with a customer, or in any remote location is very important.

You can achieve that convenience -and success in the mobile business world - with a suite of business solutions to mobilize the enterprise. Our solutions can cover sales, service, and PIM needs (including e-mail), apart from providing connections to the most popular and widespread enterprise applications and mobile handheld devices -including smart phones, PDAs, and two-way pagers.

Now, you can get access which ever way you want: online, offline, wireless, and real-time. Your mobile workers will be up and running toward greater productivity, more sales and service calls, and higher profits.

Our mobile business solutions can package features and benefits like:

We bring to you Solutions for Sales that will allow your sales team to manage contacts, opportunities, sales orders, update-forecasting information and more while leveraging existing Sales Force Automation (SFA), ERP, and other enterprise solutions in the field.

We can mix 'n'match Solutions for various Field Service giving field technicians the ability to manage work orders, schedule appointments, prepare for service calls en route, retrieve and update spare parts inventories, and gather customer information and electronic signatures whenever and wherever they need it.

Access to email, calendar and tasks if is a priority, we can empower all your mobile workers, from assistants to executive, to maintain high levels of productivity with secure access to all Personal Information Management (PIM) data from any Web browser and mobile device.

For the Health Care Industry we bring Palmtor , the new Digital World! The Digital world that makes your work simpler and easier! Keep track of all your patients and their records along with their billing amounts on your fingertips! In other words, here is a software that makes doctoring SIMPLE.
Just fill in the details like the treatment given by the doctor to the patient with the help of our palmtor software onto your palm device.

Palmtor Application give you a complete coding and Billing Reports solution that works with your office Scheduling and Reports. Palmtor App can work with all kinds of practices viz., calculating the Fee and base units depending upon the relation of Procedure code and Dx code. It is designed to collect charge and Diagnosis code information at the point of care.

At the end of the day, simply connect your Palmtop to your Personal Computer and the data gets transferred to your Computer and Vice versa.


  • Minimum memory and faster executable.

  • Developed using CodeWarrior 7.0 in C++ with SDK Programming.

  • Stores the patient information in the Palm database.

  • Addition of record is possible. Manipulation of record is possible. Deletion of record is possible.

  • It can transfer the data using HotSync from the Palm database to MS Access in a PC and vice versa.

  • Beaming of records from one palm to another palm is also possible.

Patient Information
Enter patient information directly onto the palm using graffiti, handwriting recognition mechanism or with the help of Keyboard.

Charge Capture
Palmtor Application has complete lists of Procedure codes and Diagnosis codes. Your billing thus will be more complete and accurate

Billing Records
Palmtor Application saves complete billing records in the Palm Database. All that you need to do is to transfer these records back to the desktop.

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