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.Net Application Development
.Net Solutions
Clavib has expertise in deploying web, server and desktop applications under Microsoft's new .NET platform. .Net revolves around the concept of secure and universal accessibility. Capable of transferring a corporation's entire technological infrastructure to this new technology (including web site, intranet, and server applications), Clavib has already deployed leading edge solutions in these categories.

ASP.NET web sites are capable of scaling to new heights of speed and efficiency, eclipsing older ASP technologies (as well as the best that Java and Linux have to offer). Web Services - Deployed from ASP.NET, this new technology provides deployment of XML data, useful in data exchange, e-commerce, and remote reporting.

Understanding .NET
.NET fundamentally changes the state of the art in software development, the true nature of components, their relation to the classes and objects of O-O technology, how to document components, the role of Interface Definition Languages, how to combine components from different languages. It will be impossible to discuss issues of component-based development in the same way after the advent of this technology.

The architecture
At the center of the .NET framework is an object model, called the VOS (Virtual Object System); at the center of that object model is a type system. This already sets .NET apart from the other component models available, which are organized around a programming language (Java), an application interconnection model (CORBA), a wiring model (COM). . Net is not identical to the object model of any one of the languages like C ++ or JAVA. The design of the .Net object model, is superior to any other model. In particular, the type system of .NET gives objects of predefined basic types such as integers and characters a clear place in the type system.

This model is designed to be truly language-independent. The new C# (C-sharp) language introduced together with .NET is a human-usable language that directly reflects the .NET object model. .NET is truly multi-language and the role of the framework is to provide a reasonable target to which all current languages can map. In particular, it is clear that one of the internal incentives for designing the framework was the decision to avoid huge duplication of efforts, within Microsoft, by the development groups for the various so-called "Microsoft languages", including Visual C++, Visual Basic, Jscript, and what was to become C#. The framework enables compilers for all these languages to share a common back-end.

NET offers a virtual machine, the Common Language Runtime. . NET's design has put run-time performance at the top of the design goals. The architecture addresses one of the central issues of component-based development: how to let components interoperate regardless of the languages they've been written in. As long as every language involved can map to a common object model both ways - producing output that conforms to that model, and consuming any conforming components - component developers and application programmers can use the languages that best fit their individual needs. With .NET there is no IDL (Interface Definition Language): you just use classes from other languages as if they were from your own. The level of interoperability is unprecedented: your classes can not only be clients of other .NET classes, whatever their language of origin, but also inherit from them. There is no need to write any IDL or other glue code.

What this means for both component developers and component users is a dramatic simplification of the requirements put on any single development environment. You don't need to have, in every environment, libraries addressing every single application area. You provide components in your domains of expertise, where you can really bring added value. Where good libraries already exist, you benefit from them at no extra cost.
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