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Re - Usable Frameworks
Our frameworks portfolio helps jump start projects by providing a set of generic building blocks to build robust, reliable and secure solutions. This specifically addresses time-to-market and quality, and ensures that projects follow a predictable low-risk path to produce maximum results.

Frameworks provide a way of reusing code that is resistant to more conventional reuse attempts. Application independent components can be reused rather easily, but reusing the edifice that ties the components together is usually possible only by copying and editing it. Unlike skeleton programs, which are the conventional approach to reusing this kind of code, frameworks make it easy to ensure the consistency of all components under changing requirements.

This can be helpful in integrating an enterprise at the method level.

Component frameworks
One of the key problems in the development of modern software systems is planning for change: open systems must be flexible, in that they must be easy to adapt to new and changing requirements. Increasingly systems developers have come to the consensus that the best way of dealing with open requirements is to build systems out of reusable components conforming to a "plug-in architecture". The functionality of an open system can then be changed or extended by substituting components or plugging in new components.

Quite recently, interest in software reuse has shifted from the reuse of single components (procedures, functions, classes), to whole abstract system designs or architectures. A software system that may be reused at this level for creating complete applications is called a framework. The idea is that it should be relatively easy to produce a range of specific systems within a certain domain starting from the framework software.

Based on the above methodology we at Clavib have developed commercial components for our ongoing projects and maintenance.
Service frameworks
Service frameworks don't provide functionality to application through inheritance. They provide services and, as such are the best fit from perspective of most EAI problem domains distributed object frame works are the example of the service frameworks do not provide access to the source code for the distributed objects, making it difficult though not impossible. Distributed objects are built into service frameworks to provide access to accounting functions, financial trading functions, and database access functions

Punjabi Info
This portal offers the following features:
Discussion Forum
Online Accounting Package
Matrimonial (Where in one can upload his profile along with his/her photograph)
Event Calendar (Where in one can keep record of his/her events or special occasions)
Search Engine
Create you home page.
Personalized Stock Events and updates.
Multilingual Solutions.

Fund management
This is product is developed for the venture capitalists.

ERP and Data warehousing
Integration of SAP with Oracle database for a telecom company for finance and materials management modules. Conversion of legacy database from any database to Oracle.

Decision support system
Created a workflow management for the ERP system with hierarchy level access of the ERP software.

This is a product developed exclusively for the transport industry for managing their fleets.

Design frameworks

Touch Screen Application
Since the introduction of our touch screen kiosks for a prestigious fan club and the success of the project, the demand to integrate quiz module into different other projects has increased manifold. Thus, it was decided to create a model out of the existing code so that it can be seamlessly plugged into other application to save time on re-authoring (re-inventing the wheel).

We archive and effectively reuse quality knowledge components during projects. Our knowledge database contains documents, templates, methodologies, knowledge processes, database structures, application frameworks, and source code.

Testing methodologies for project along with the templates, which becomes very useful in testing the software before it is installed at the client's place there by reducing the client level implementation bottlenecks.

Procedural frameworks
We improve our productivity through better leveraging of people, methodologies, and technology. For our clients, that means more confidence, less risk, better scheduling, and quicker return on investments.

Enterprise Applications Integrations - EAI
Unrestricted sharing of data and business processes among any connected applications and data sources in the enterprise.

Method level Example: connecting of two or more applications on cross platform in the same enterprise.

Mechanism :

Application servers
This can be done by distributed object technologies Cobra or Com. To access methods remotely.

Support framework
We give system level support for the companies and providing them with the required network support and solutions.

Please Contact us for any further queries or information.
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