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Clavib Inc. is the leading solution provider of the most advanced Dispatch and Accounting transportation management software available to the Trucking industry.

Clavib provides world class trucking software solutions to Transport Companies handling bulk Cargo, and back it up with training, service and support. Our experience with successful deployment of Fleet Management Systems has supplied us with an enhanced understanding of the intricate details and needs of running these complex businesses giving us a reputation in the industry, for our excellence and commitment.

Clavib thoroughly tested these solutions in practice for several years and today has several customers within transportation, haulage, service, waste management, security industry etc. who have benefited from our cost-effective solution.

Transoft (Version 2.0) is the ideal solution for Fleet Management from Clavib Inc. The application is specially designed for transport operators who operate a large fleet of vehicles for transporting a consignment.

Transoft is a comprehensive business solution that enables the transporter to manage Demand-Supply position of vehicles, keep a tab on the mileage and reduce maintenance expenditure and operating costs while automating the front and back office process, workshops, stores, personal, administration and marketing departments.

Features of Transoft:

  • Order booking, customer rate contracts, preparation of customer based invoices, good dispatch memos and truck receipts.

  • Allocation of vehicles & drivers, driver availability.

  • Tracking of maintenance costs, fuel purchases accident records and service log.

  • Tracking of sub contracted vehicles and payments to sub contractors pick the available drivers. (Driver availability).

  • Allocation of vehicles to customers and its billing according to the tariff card.

  • Management of supply-demand position of the vehicles.

  • Mass-allocation concept, workflow management.

  • Maintenance of inventory and status.

  • Financial year and period concept, multi-currency concept.

  • Auto updating of accounts to the next financial year, yearly statistics of transactions/vehicles.

  • Auto backup data and data-management system in-built at special intervals.

  • User defined reports with Crystal Reports 7.0, easy to use GUI interface.

  • Tracking of Vehicle Insurance and alert bulletins before expiry of the same.

  • User access and security, user defined input and output, flexible and customizable

  • Online updating and transactions using e-commerce, transaction handling between the central office and branch offices and tracking of goods between the branches, inter-office communications, mailing.

Transoft Advantages

  • Quick selection of suitable vehicles from the fleet.
  • Immediate replacement of vehicle should a mishap occur.
  • Goods delivery efficiency , timely delivery of goods to any destination.
  • Reduction in administrative and operational costs.
  • Vigilance of branch offices.
  • Streamlined communication at all levels.
  • Tracking of vehicles and goods across multiple locations
  • Improved terminal management, fleet Management.
  • Vendor / customer relationship management, enabling higher customer satisfaction.
  • Increased driver / operations managers, mechanics, staff productivity

Transoft is developed with a modular approach and can be implemented module wise depending on user requirements. The basic modules of the Transoft (Version 2.0) are listed below.

The module maintains all party; vehicle & contract materials master data. It also contains all transaction details i.e., LR, LHPO, Invoice.

This module helps user have a complete control over inventory, receipts, dispatches, status, managing and purchase of spares.

The accounting module helps Transporter to have complete financial control over their Operations. All standard accounting functions like cash & Bank Payments / Receipts, Debit Note, Credit Note, Ageing analysis of receivables, Income statement are supported. Since this module is integrated, customer invoices and vendor bills automatically post the required entries.

This module allows you to keep a tab over individual vehicles, inspections, repairs, spares, cost of labor and allocation of mechanics, spare-parts request etc.

Personnel & Administration
It facilitates for accepting/preparing lorry receipts, goods dispatch memos, allocation of vehicles & drivers, preparing of customer invoices. The system also takes care of all back-office operations like capturing of maintenance costs incurred, fuel purchase, accident records, service log etc. The Maintenance module allows you to capture the maintenance costs incurred on a vehicle because of account spares and labor. The maintenance can be classified against a trip or service or break down.

Order bookings, collections can be streamlined with the help of this module and can be classified individually down to each individual customer.

This module is developed for the Administrator, who defines the access rights and security settings for the users.

Online help
This is totally built on Robohelp 6.0. Help query can be based on user defined requirements.
Apart from these basic modules, we can develop additional modules depending on user requirements.

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