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Trucking Industry
The Trucking Industry has gone from a point, being one of the least computerized segments to being on the front position of many innovative technologies in the computer industry. New technology is now an accepted fact in every aspect of transportation, from dispatch and mobile communications to vehicle maintenance, electronic engines and computer diagnosis on the maintenance side.

In recent past we saw that Trucking Industry became increasingly sophisticated in their use of computer technology. The best-managed and most profitable transportation industries are typically leaders in their use of computer technology. They have moved to the forefront in their compliance and capability to adopt and use new technology.

They're are different and various tasks in Trucking Industry.

Clavib's Understanding in Trucking Industry
Clavib has its roots deep in Transportation sector, providing this industry with efficient solutions, makes us well acquainted with business process and requirements of this industry. Clavib has a proven track record of its successful implementation of software solution in Transportation sector. Our understanding and expertise meets client's requirement at perfection. Clavib provides solution in consideration that a Trucking Industry will normally implement a computer system in a series of "levels of implementation" in order to get all company functions automated. Given below are some of the five successive levels of implementation of a computer system throughout a Trucking Industry.

Level 1: Accounting functions automation
Level 2: Automating management reporting
Level 3: Automation of real time operations
Level 4: Computer functions Integration
Level 5: Inducing new technology

Accounting functions automation

  • Accounts Department will always be the first to get automated in Transportation and almost in every industry. There are known benefits of automating this section.

  • Process of accounting is a complex one and computerization proves to very effective simplification process for accounting.

  • While the cost benefit in the accounting department is typically more obvious at first than in other areas, automating the other areas will usually deliver greater long-term benefits to the fleet. Being familiar with accounting solution domain, Clavib claims to be confident to deliver best out of the solutions.

  • This Industry has a heavy paper work transactions and this is to be concentrated and get this all automated will be the first priority. Accounting section, which consists of freight billing and payroll, especially driver and lease operator settlement functions, all these should get automated to overcome hectic paper work.

  • Additional functions typically put on a computer soon after are general ledger and financial statements, accounts payable and fuel tax.

Automating Management Reports

  • General Ledger reports, the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet, several other useful management reports are nothing but the by-products of accounting information, and automating these reports is Automation of management reporting.

  • Generation of reports like revenue reports, revenue totals by customer, state, etc. in addition to operational reports like a lane analysis, which are derived from billing and accounts receivable information.

  • Automation of Management Reports helps management to get operations information from the accounting system for decision-making.

  • The use of management reporting from a computer system takes longer to implement than automation of accounting department, but the payback can be greater.

  • Over time, management need to develop key reports, ratios, numbers, etc. that apply to the company's operation and make sure the information is being put in accurately.

  • Management can then rely on the reporting for day-today decisions and for strategic planning.

  • Usually, the desire for more management information is what leads to Automation of real time operations of computer implementation, as the automation of Dispatch and Operations will yield even better information for managing the company.

Automation of real time operations

  • Dispatchers and customer service representatives are the people on the frontier, dealing with customers, taking freight orders and making planning decisions on how equipment (transportation medium & type of it) will be used.

  • Automating operations on a real time basis means dispatch and customer service coordinators can have their functions put on the computer. Typically the computer replaces dispatch boards, card systems, dispatch pads, etc.

  • However, the automation of the operations functions including dispatch, load planning and customer service coordination is potentially one of the prime benefits to the company in terms of profitability.

  • Most important conditions required for successful implementation of computer software in dispatch and operations is the commitment of top management to see that the dispatch and operations functions are properly automated.

  • As dispatchers learn to rely on information in the computer and make better use of computer software, they can make better decisions on equipment and driver utilization.

  • This results in reducing more miles from trip and higher driver satisfaction, which is very crucial in consistent outstanding performance as well as smooth flow of operations.

  • Clavib's never-ending innovative ideas and continuous thought processing added with extreme knowledge in this domain, drives us to provide complete solutions for clients requirement.

Computer functions Integration

  • This is the most important implementation to follow after all implementation of successive levels in computerization. To make all data consistent and accurate at any stage, integrating of all functions or departments is that drives computer implementation forward.

  • Many times the different departments are automated initially on an almost stand-alone basis. The accounting might not be on the same system as dispatch and operations or at any other department. Sometimes fuel tax is on a stand-alone system and driver logs and vehicle maintenance are implemented on yet another computer system.

  • Functions eventually should be integrated on the same computer system or via software that enables the different systems to be tightly integrated and communicating information back and forth to one another.

  • Once all functions are up and running on an integrated system, the benefits of having all functions integrated becomes more and more obvious. For example, the amount of work and errors are reduced if you don 't have to maintain separate driver, tractor and trailer files on several systems.

  • When areas are integrated such as vehicle maintenance with dispatch, dispatchers and load planners know when they need to route a truck backs in for maintenance. And maintenance can see where a particular vehicle is, in order to route the vehicle to the closest service center.

  • When settlement and fuel tax are integrated with dispatch, all parts of the company are working from a common routing and mileage base. All departments are operating with better information that only has to be entered into the computer system one time.

  • Clavib's, Web Enabled services and its capability in providing concerned solution will deliver the perfect solution which will be blended with quality, cost effectiveness and completion of project under given timeframe.

Inducing new technology

  • This is the generic methodology of any business. This is done in interest to maximize the profits for increasing ROI (Returns on Investment), expanding business, to stay in competition, to overcome the flaws of their current business process and to make business more efficient.

  • New technologies, as they are implemented, are typically done so in a cycle that is reminiscent of the first four levels. While the solution can often be implemented very quickly, with a payback in a reasonable period of time, it requires some time for management to fully grasp the operational changes that the new technology will allow.

  • Clavib is well known among its clients for providing solutions with latest technologies.

  • The benefit to the company that is possible from management and operational changes is often greater than the initial payback.

  • Many times new technologies are adopted on a stand-alone basis, and the company will later move to integrate them with the rest of the system.
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