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  Sales & Distribution
Sales and Distribution System

Clavib has come ages with proven expertise and has rich experience having developed application specific to Sales & Distribution under Retailing.

Clavib is uniquely positioned in providing solutions using Microsoft .NET Technology [VB.NET, ASP.NET, C# and Mobile Technology using devices like Pocket PC, Intermec, Palm, etc. Clavib is capable of providing both Online / Offline solutions.

Sales and Distribution is main function that cannot be overlooked in Retailing. It is very important and complicated in itself, if functionalities are not proper. But procuring a right solution for Sales and Distribution not only enhances Productivity but also gives the freedom of making real time decisions.

Induction of Software Application in Sales and Distribution Chain allows integrating and keeps track of all the main activities among the following:

  • Warehouse
  • Mobile Sales Force
  • Customer

Above specified are the core contents of any Sales and Distribution channel that can be said as Backbone of whole process. Application of Mobile Technology is credited with all successful achievement in Sales and Distribution Solutions. This application fits unerringly in various retailing sectors. FMCG products like Beverages, Food Products, Cosmetics, Soaps and the list go on.

Mobile Application using Handheld Devices and Barcode Technology

The Sales & Distribution System consists of Desktop & Handheld Applications:

Desktop Application:
Desktop Application can be used as a Stand-alone or Client/Server or Distributed Architecture Application and can be readily integrated to any backend Legacy System.

This desktop application has several modules and sub modules in it:

  • Admin Module
  • Customer Module
  • Reason Module
    • Route Module
    • Route Planning
  • Visit Sequence
  • Item Module
  • Survey Module
  • Asset Module
  • Promotions Module
  • Van load creation Module
    • Customer Order
    • Promotion items
    • Sales Returns
    • Undelivered Orde

The Desktop Application Module captures Transaction related information such as,

  • Order
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Sales Returns
  • Outstanding Invoices

Handheld Application:
The functionalities for HHT device will get added in the Desktop like, list of messages for the daily activities, load generation, customer’s route sequencing, tracking reasons, barcode reading and Survey related information and all kinds of daily, weekly and monthly reports. The Van Salesman will use Handheld, which allows him to carry out different transactions and take decisions with respect to customers.

After uploading the required data from Desktop on to Handheld Device, the Handheld User would be able to perform activities such as,

  • Receipts.
  • Pending Invoices.
  • Order Creation.
  • Cash Receipt Invoices.
  • Sales Return Exchange.
  • Pending Supply.
  • Survey Info.
  • Customer/Competitor Info.
  • Asset Replacement Info.
  • Message List for all the activities Performed in a single route.

The Handheld Application also helps in generating different types of Reports like:

  • Load Verification.
  • Visit Sequence.
  • Outstanding Invoices against each Customer.
  • Cash Sales.
  • Sales Order.
  • Payment Received.
  • Returns.
  • Van Stock.
  • Load Request.
  • Daily Collection.
  • Daily Sales Report.
  • Inventory Report.
  • Customer Visits.

Case Studies

Target Tire is a wholesale tire distributor, with corporate offices in Jacksonville, North Carolina and distribution centers in Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. Target Tire felt the need to utilize Internet technologies to develop an overall e-business strategy to meet the business and technology challenges in the increasingly competitive tire distribution industry.

Clavib's Role
Clavib’s Team has undertaken retail-consulting services where the team carried out a business process study and helped the client in improving their internal processes.

The team has also done solution and technology consulting where the team developed a web interface for the real time access for sales staff, wholesalers, and retail stores of Target Tire management and thus facilitated them expand their business with prolonged value-added services. We provided:

  • The Dealer Program for a single point of reference for viewing real time Inventory and Orders, Billing Status, Trip Credits, Co-op Allowance and the Dealer special program

  • Online ordering for real time ordering and confirmation

  • Online access to Tire Select application for tire selection, identifying tire sizes for specific makes and models of vehicles

  • Online access to manufacturer's data and web sites specific to the lines carried by Target Tire
Technology Used
Environment: Apache v.1.3.12, running on Windows NT using the mod_perl v.1.24 API and DBI v.1.14 (Database Interface), Progress Database v.8.31b3.

Case Study
Target Tire
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