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eCatalog Management
The key to success for any online business lies in managing the products or services you have for sale so that you are presenting the most up-to-date information to users, helping them to locate what they need quickly and conveniently. Our consultants have the domain knowledge and capability to develop eCatalog Management System for you, which basically helps you to create new Catalogs, to add or edit or view the existing data sources. We can help you to make the information easy to find with integrated searching capabilities. In addition, the system can be built with an easy-to-use interface for you to manage products and services on a daily basis.

The core of our eCatalog management system is a powerful relational database in to which product data can be entered, updated and managed by sales and marketing personnel either locally or remotely. The client can print or update at any time with the latest data set. With just a few keystrokes you can load records directly, this will make your staff more productive by reducing the amount of original cataloguing and local data entry required.

Catalog Management allows companies to develop, manage, and deliver dynamic product catalogs across all customer channels. It helps you to define and classify products, create sales bundles and design rules. It delegates user administration, visibility rules, content staging, approvals, and publication. Using these business processes, companies can increase revenue and customer satisfaction as well ensure product compatibility and purchase eligibility. This allows the business managers to control sales content and thus saves the time by avoiding repetitive tasks. It as well improves the quality and accuracy of the content. It Streamlines product introduction and product retirement processes by collaboratively managing products across the entire product lifecycle.

In brief we can say that Catalog management functions as an Electronic Trading "bridge" between buyers and sellers.

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