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Clavib's Retail Consulting Services

Our Experience in Retail Consulting
As a part of our consulting services the team has undertaken assignments in Retailing Services.

The team conducts a detailed study and provides the retailer with a clear road map for implementing the proposed business solution. This will be coupled with a Systems Design and Specification service to produce detailed functional specifications.

Selecting the Right Solution:
It is a difficult and time-consuming task for the Retailer to select the required software solution that would best suit his business requirements. Our services aim at reducing the workload of the retailer. During the Business Process Study, we try to understand the As-Is process and come out with recommendations on the To-Be process. Our Team helps in evaluating and recommending the right software solution that best fits the Client's requirement. Clavib has the capability in even custom developing and integrating software solutions for specific requirements.

Multi-channel retailing means integrating business processes of different customer propositions like Bricks and mortar stores or Malls, Internet stores on the Web, Paper Catalog / mail order via contact centers.

Clavib solution consultants have the experience of delivering Internet selling scenarios specific to eCampaign Management.

Contact Centers
The key to customer delight is to make the buying experience simple for them. All route for queries and complaints are made simple and painless for the customer in an empathetic way.

Clavib Solutions consultants believe that the contact center is essential for multi-channel retailers, and is becoming more important for all companies in dealing with their customers.

Collaborate to Compete
We make the collaboration process actually work by focusing on Retailers and Consumer Product companies, and by understanding the internal processes and identifying each partner.

Collaborative Scenarios

New Product Introductions
When a new product is introduced: elements such as barcode, cost price, descriptions, dimensions and pack sizes are automatically exchanged between the supplier and retailer. This can ease the small, but time consuming, exchanges that sometimes occur during this time.

Promotional Collaboration
Using a PoS system the retailer can initially allocate the product and then send data from PoS system directly to the supplier to help them refine their production forecasts based upon real sales values. Adopting this loop would prevent the capital being tied up in stock, which would otherwise be simply passed to and fro around the extended supply chain.

Clavib has done consulting in this area. We have developed solutions using the latest technologies like Barcode and Mobile [Using Handheld Devices].

Customer Order Handling:
By integrating the process between the supplier and the retailer, visibility of the entire transaction is possible for the supplier and the retailer: resulting in timely, accurate, information available to respond to customers' queries. Technology can now enable the process of having goods sent directly from supplier to a retail store.

We understand the role and the processes of both partners in these processes.

The time has now come when competition is not simply one retailer against another; it is one Value Chain against another. Let us help you collaborate in order to face the competition.

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