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Elecronic Customer Relationship Management


What is eCRM?
Benefits of eCRM
What do you need for eCRM implementation?

What is eCRM?
Electronic Customer Relationship Management. eCRM is integration between the traditional CRM and eBusiness application. This small e should be a gigantic E because this technology, when properly used, can have a significant impact on industries and the structure of businesses. Essentially, the e enables an organization to extend its infrastructure to customers and partners in ways that offer new opportunities to learn customer needs, add value, gain new economies, reach new customers, and do all of this in real time. eCRM is all about strategy and therefore requires the direction and engagement of senior management to be successful. Senior management must have a broad understanding of the capabilities of these technologies and then translate them into specific opportunities that leverage competitive advantage.

Benefits of eCRM
Most of the organizations are investing huge sums of money in defining and automating there core business processes. No doubt, they have benefited by standardizing the processes, yet there are unpredictable and unique circumstances, wherein the expertise of the individuals is called for. This where eCRM comes into the picture

  • Captures and Reuses past experiences.

  • Ensures Knowledge Management- A strategy to organize and use available information, experience and expertise.

  • Focuses on customers across organization.

  • Linking employees with customers.

  • Lower Cost of Service- Servicing a customer online costs less because all functional areas of servicing a customer (sales, marketing and services).

  • Capitalize on your most profitable customer.

  • Ability to increase marketing capabilities-through gathering enhanced demographic data, eCRM allows organizations to profitable consumer profiles for new customer acquisition.

eCRM is an essential tool for an organization's high performance and also dependent on worker's effectiveness more than their efficiency. By doing so, companies can engage their customers in an ongoing knowledge exchange in which the company can learn more about market and customer needs and work to develop and deliver the products and services that can exceed the customers' expectations on a regular basis.

What do you need for eCRM implementation?

Enhanced Customer Service Application.
In the Internet you need to take care of your customers online. You will need to provide a unified customer communication at various customer touch points; live service and email support. To ensure that your website is your customer's preferred place Of business, you must provide effective customer service.

Knowledge of Warehousing
Capturing customer information is the key to managing customer relationship. Software that can consolidate customer information into a single database would provide your business with important analysis for customer tracking and analysis.

Data Resourcing
Using data from multiple resources, including customer information databases, eCRM focuses on building a real time customer profile for each customer. Your customer agents can target market selective based on what it knows about a particular customer.

Categorizing or Segmenting customers
Customer information collected in databases is presented in formats that can be easily analyzed. Reports track customer service issues and assist in e-marketing campaigns. Your company can use data gathered by these tools to segment your customer base into several groups or categories.

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