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Case Study - Translator

Customer Profile
Our Client is a leading e-Business Healthcare Technology company providing solutions for the Health Benefits Administration marketplace. In addition, the client organization provides both Strategy and Technology Solutions for web-enabling Third Party Administrators, Payor Provider Organizations, Managed Care Organizations, Health and Medical Organizations.

The tool developed for translation by Clavib was easy to use, maintain, with high performance and also addressing the migration issues generally faced during the migration of data.

Convert Single record and Multiple Record formats and stores the converted result in a file.
Support Delimited and Fixed width files.
Automatic /Manual Processing.
Import Process and Export process.

Define/Edit/Delete Template.
Generate error/log files.
Intuitive navigation between screens.
View error/log files.
Send mails to the administrator after the process.
On-line Help for ease of use.

Process of reading the selected data from latest created fixed width or delimited file according to the template definition and write to the output file. Enable the user to stop the manual process at anytime. Indicating the progress of the manual process. Generating the log/error file and sending mail to the administrator regarding the process. Automatic processing of the templates. Purging of log/error files.

The solutions were innovative, intuitive and easy to use and were delivered within the desired timelines. Template definitions are stored in file format the input file extension, the output file extension, type of input file, source directory, target directory, log and error directory, command line argument and status of the template manual/automatic, no. of days to purge the log/error files before/after the process is specified in the template definition itself. Incase of automatic template the time to start the process is specified. For those fields that are marked 'Y' in the template definition, it picks data from the latest input file of specified extension in the source directory and stores in the temp file and from there it writes to the output file of specified extension in the target directory. Creates the log/error files in the log/error directory specified with the extension .log/.err respectively. It takes the file creation time for log/error files and purges according to the days specified before/after the process. Sends status regarding the process to the administrator.

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