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Casestudy-PacAdvantage Inc., U.S.A.

PacAdvantage Inc., U.S.A. is the country’s largest non-profit small-employer health insurance purchasing pool offering affordable health insurance plans to small businesses in California with 2 to 50 employees. PacAdvantage is actively committed to serving small employers by expanding access to affordable, quality health care while offering their employees choices to better manage their unique health care concerns. With PacAdvantage, small employers can offer coverage that might otherwise be available only to employees of large organizations.

PacAdvantage contracts with quality medical, dental, vision and chiropractic insurance plans to offer health insurance coverage to small businesses. By leveraging the purchasing power of employers across the state, PacAdvantage allows businesses to offer their employees full-service products at affordable rates.

ASP, MTS, IIS SQL server on Win NT/2000 platform.

Business Problem
PacAdvantage have an application, but did not meet the changing business needs, Cash reconciliation was a complex and labor-intensive process and had to be manually managed, which led to difficulties in determining exposure for a re-insurer. They desired an application solution that would resolve the problems, provide a dynamic contracting process, tie all reporting and financials to auditable data, and create a flexible strategy for ad-hoc reporting.

The Clavib Solution
Clavib team of skilled professionals worked closely with several application owners to devise a user-friendly system that would provide Web-based application to installation and maintenance without the need for a lot of user interface or technical knowledge. Our team could bring out a secure, web-based interface to the end users. The application could handle the end user request in a Web-based environment and generated user specific information.

Value Perceived
The following is a partial list of the ROI achieved by the PacAdvantage:

  • Provided accurate and timely data in reporting detail activity to their customers, and reinsurance.

  • Compensation calculated and paid in one cycle, eliminating the need for manual reconciliation in the previous multi-cycle process.

  • Improved efficiencies resulting in timely account settlement.

  • Contract set up can be completed without re-keying data, reducing workload and costly errors.

  • Reduction in producer inquiries, because statements show complete details.

  • Increased accuracy and validity of data and a reduction in redundant data entry.

  • Errors and omissions were eliminated to about 99%.

  • Enhanced and expanded management reporting and decision support capabilities.


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