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Case Study - Lucent

Customer Profile
The client is a $40 Billion Organization Fortune 100 multinational company that leverages its core technology strengths in optical, data and wireless networking to offer segment specific broadband and mobile Internet solutions. This combined with its unique capabilities in software and services enables it to offer comprehensive optical, switching, wireless solutions to its customers

The Clients Network Care division had multiple office sites in different cities in the US and abroad. The division offered consulting, performance and IP management software, engineering and installation, technical support, mobility solutions, and program management services.

Client wanted to implement a solid ERP system to that enables the following seamless integrate the Enterprise to:

  • Digitally connect various locations across multiple networks
  • On-demand reporting
  • Real time and accurate accounting system
  • An accountable workflow package

The key features that the client wanted to incorporate in the new system included:

  • Simple and Easy to use, and at the same time Robust and and reliable, yet simple to use features.

  • Flexible enough to allow for rapidly adding new business with relative simplicity ease.

  • Modularize the design where by either individual components or the entire system could be offered to Clients/prospective.

  • Clients. Modular design to allow for rapidly changing business needs, processes, organizational structure and product offerings.

  • To make the user aware of the process through exhaustive help manuals and intuitive flow in user interfaces.

Our client had more than 60 locations in the US alone and wanted a centralized solution on a new technology platform in a very tight timeframe. The migration of existing data and integration with new processes from all these locations and various conversion challenges related to the new technology area were also to be addressed. In addition, the client wanted an intuitive one-click navigation facility, greater security, cross functional and drill down reporting features to enable Just in Time production and lower inventory levels.

The Clavib Business and Functional Technical Team partnered with the client's personnel at various levels and performed Requirements Analysis, created functional specifications document and the implementation roadmap delivered a quality solution in a modular fashion. The solutions were innovative, intuitive, extremely easy-to-use and delivered within the desired timelines. The existing application was re-engineered for the Internet and enhancements like automatic fax/email notifications and custom workflow were added. The new system was implemented with minimum rollover delay and an immediate uptime of 99% was achieved. .

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