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Case Study - Spinning Mills

Customer Profile
Our client is a leading Spinning mills company in India. They are involved in purchase of raw cotton and spinning into yarn of different sizes depending on the client requirement. Client has customers all over the country. IBM stands for Integrated Business Module. IBM is aimed to replace many of the manual processes right from the purchase of raw material till the sale of the product.

Client has 2 production units, one sales depot and the corporate office at Hyderabad. The major aim of IBM was to maintain customer, vendor, voucher, journal, and employee details and to integrate information from all these units and to generate any report regarding the status of the Purchase, Inventory, Stock, Production, sale and party out standings etc.


  • Integrate company Purchase, Production, Stock Of Items, Sale, employees and financials across disparate locations in the enterprise.
  • Data from the Production units has to be appended into the database periodically.
  • To educate the user about the whole product.
  • The whole system would be robust and user friendly.
  • Highly secured system.
  • Proper authentication for different users.
  • Optimize capital investment and ensure shareholder value
  • Reduce Transaction cost, Ensure Data Integrity and control and Position staff for more
    value-added roles
  • Consolidation of financial information.
  • Analyze the performance of the units and plan the resources efficiently.
  • To create a workflow management.


  • Print the Invoices raised.
  • Double Entry Book Keeping System is followed.
  • Keeps track of changes made in the amount of vouchers, journals and invoices etc.
  • Automatic generation of account code for specific account and the unit.
  • Automatic generation of voucher no, journal no, raw material no, Invoice no by concatenating the no. entered and unit code helps to identify from which unit transaction or purchase has occurred.
  • Use of short keys in the application.
  • Postings for vouchers, journals and invoices to make it accountable.
  • Single entry for an invoice.
  • Single entry leads to multiple updation.
  • Commit button to make the changes permanent.
  • Use of Lov's make the data entry easier.
  • Use of alerts in appropriate places make the system more informative and user friendly.

Host Database : Database in the Factory.
Host Systems : Forms/Front ends In the Factory
Host Transactions : Transactions in Factory.

The application is found to be effective and efficient in the sense
  • Huge amount of time is saved.
  • Highly Procedural GUI.
  • Easy and quick generation of reports.
  • Helpful to stream line the business operations.
  • Global inventory visibility.
  • Quick response to changing customer needs.
  • Increase in revenue compared to the previous revenue.
  • Decrease in production and operations cost.
  • Ability to handle huge amount of data.
  • Improved Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning
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