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Casestudy-Cook Children's Health Care System, U.S.A.
Cook Children's is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
created just for children. Cook Children's Health Plan - [CCHP] network includes Cook Children's Medical Center, Cook Children's Physician Network and many other quality providers. CCHP is dedicated to providing the best pediatric patient care available. CCHP is the only pediatric health plan in the North Texas area with their network; they can offer a full range of specialty services to children and families.

ASP, MTS, IIS SQL server on Win NT/2000 platform.

Business Problem Over the past several years, our client has enjoyed significant growth, with increased count of health plans. With the growth of the business came requirements for adaptive and scaleable systems that can supplement and enhance the business processes that they support. The problems faced by my client from an operational standpoint were:
  • Redundant, inconsistent, and inefficient business processes.
  • A lack of data integrity.
  • No access to information.
  • System adaptability and scalability.
  • Inefficient communication mechanisms.
  • Lack of effective electronic data interchange mechanisms.

Our Client required an Information Systems Strategic Plan to provide a guide for the implementation and integration of information systems to support and enhance business processes now and into the future. The following list highlights the major goals of the plan: Create a unified and efficient business process that eliminates all double entry of information by facilitating the automation of the business processes. Establish accurate means for obtaining information to assist in decision support and analysis. Provide the technology infrastructure required to meet the changing requirements of the industry.

The Clavib Solution
Clavib team of skilled professionals worked closely with several application owners to devise a user-friendly system that would provide Web-based application to installation and maintenance without the need for a lot of user interface or technical knowledge. Our team could bring out a secure, web-based interface to the end users. The application could handle the end user request in a Web-based environment and generated user specific information.

Value Perceived
The following is a partial list of the improvements achieved:

  • Improved quality and processing time of all operations and supporting functions by eliminating all redundant data entry.
  • Improvement in operating performance related to manual and paper-based processing that will be automated or streamlined through improved information systems.
  • Increased accuracy and validity of data and a reduction in redundant data entry.
  • Errors and omissions was eliminated to about 99%·
  • There was a drastic increase in processing time.
  • Enhanced and expanded management reporting and decision support capabilities.
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