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About Us
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   Methodology and Approach
Clavib has a completely networked environment coupled with high-speed data communication links that provide global connectivity to clients.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure helps in seamless delivery of quality solutions to our client and also makes Clavib a quality workplace for our employees.

Our clients can utilize the infrastructure at our Centers of Excellence.

We also customize facilities to client requirements under our dedicated lab approach.

Company Infrastructure

The common features of all our facilities are:
  • Completely networked work environment
  • Economically designed work space with full support services
  • High Speed data-communication links providing connectivity to clients world-wide

We aim to provide a self-contained campus-like environment with lifestyle facilities.

Computing Infrastructure
Clavib Inc. has a variety of RDBMS platforms running on an array of several hundred high-end servers with terabytes of disk storage. Powerful workstations with the latest utilities, compilers and tools for development, testing and configuration management are available.

Global Connectivity
The Clavib Inc. communications network is a Global Wide Area Network. The network links all major offices to provide data, voice and video communication. The links enable us to provide cost-effective maintenance and co-development of software with customers. Clavib Inc. has a highly reliable WAN backbone interconnecting the global network hubs and Global Development Centers. This network is engineered to provide redundancy through alternate routing paths and different Service Providers.


  • Remote connectivity to customer networks and systems

  • Internet access and global electronic communication

  • Seamless connectivity across all Clavib Inc. development centers to facilitate access to enterprise applications and the Clavib Inc. Knowledge Management System and for transparent information dissemination.

  • Internal work flow automation

These objectives are met without any compromise to the security of Clavib Inc.' or customer's networks and systems. In addition, the communications infrastructure enhances the productivity of our employees.

Network Security & Disaster Management
Our policy for the security of computer networks and systems consists of systems, processes and controls that allow seamless information sharing while safeguarding against security violations.

We have a comprehensive disaster management plan which aims to minimize potential economic loss, reduce disruption to normal operations, ensure orderly recovery and increase asset protection. Disaster recovery plans are outlined for each category of equipment.

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